Expertise in Sales

  • Detailed customer service and quick offer preparation
  • Perfect adjustment through professional competence
  • Computer-based creation of production documents
  • Selection of optimal production processes
  • Computer-based programming of automatic placement machines

Adherence to delivery dates in material purchasing

  • Careful selection of materials
  • Long-standing relationships with our suppliers
  • ERP-system

Efficiency and quality in production

  • Qualified specialists
  • Preventive maintenance of technical equipment (ISO certification)
  • Tests provided by Customer
  • Careful handling of materials and equipment
  • Constant monitoring of production process
  • Use of high-precision testing units
  • Exact final inspection with failure statistics and analysis


  • THT assembly
  • SMD assembly
  • Mixed components assembly
  • BGA Ball Grid Arrays
  • RoHS conform handling
  • Cable assembly
  • Assembly of electronics devices
  • Samples and prototypes
  • LCD`s
  • Test processes
  • Coating


  • Multiple high speed lines
  • High-speed component mounting
  • Max PCB size 20x25“
  • High Speed Optical Inspection
  • 136 feeder inputs

Test processes

  • AOI
  • ICT
  • Function test
  • High tension test

Manifold processes, modern equipment and experienced employees manufacture your products efficiently and in premium reproducible quality. We work according to IPC  2. Our machine configurations correspond to the various required quantities. Our focus is on flexibility, complexity, intensity of modifications, variation and individual customer requests.
Typical quantities are between 50 and 5000 units or according to demand.  Advantages are not only based on efficient and highly automated processes but also for manual labor-intensive activities.